More than 2 decades of experience

“It is good to know that all day everyday they stay on top of what’s happening in the market and understand the impact it has on the planning that we do.”

“I would say they are honest, ethical, have a superior knowledge basis, and are a quiet partner who simply makes you look better in the eyes of your clients.”

“They are authentic and trustworthy. They act with a fiduciary mindset like we do.”

“We love to be able to customize individual bond portfolios and we are always selling to clients how smart these guys are and how good they are at what they do.”

“I completely trust that they are doing things the right way. Their expertise in the fixed income market is second to none and their technical knowledge is absolutely exceptional.”

“Most firms choose to buy bonds on the custodian’s inventory. We didn’t want to provide that general of a solution to our clients. With SPFG we felt like we found a cost effective way to provide what feels like a more personalized and customized solution to clients without having to hire someone.”

“We liked that they could be a true partner to us in a discipline that we are not educated in. I would describe them as a concierge partner and an extension of us. This is an important part of our clients planning and it is good to know we have partners who are personal, responsive, and give us the personal attention we need versus a bigger firm just treating us like a number.”

“They are very reliable and always deliver exactly what we are looking for. We like that they are a small team like us and they feel like a partner and we feel like we are important.”

ADVISING ON Over $4 billion in investment-grade municipal and taxable bonds

We offer a turn-key approach to designing, implementing, and managing customized individual bond portfolio solutions tailored to your clients’ needs. We focus intently on service and do the heavy lifting so you can spend more time helping clients and running your business.

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founded with one goal in mind: to help you do more with fixed income.